6 Human Needs Test

6 Human Needs Test - Angie Ramos - Life Coaching

If you want to read a little bit more about the six human needs psychology, I invite you to visit my post describing what it is and how can it help you to change your life.

This test will help you to figure out what are your two top human needs, what drives your decisions and the way you behave.

Test created by Cloé Madanes.

Please answer each question honestly. Try not to think too much about it and go with your first instinct.

  • Yes, I really do think this is the way I think or I am.
  • Partially, In part, I am like this, but not all the time
  • No, I don´t identify with this description or behavior.


1. People are impressed by me.
2. Feeling that I “belong” is important to me.
3. I need to feel grounded.
4. I don’t mind taking risks.
5. I don’t fear change.
6. A failure is not a failure if you keep trying.
7. I believe in giving back.
8. I’m good at taking care of people.
9. I often worry about what people are saying about me.
10. I like to have as much stability in my life as possible.
11. It’s important to contribute to your community.
12. I like to develop new ideas and projects.
13. I’m security conscious.
14. I like to be an example to others.
15. I’m competitive.
16. I hate the feeling of boredom.
17. I know how to make connections with people.
18. I constantly aspire to improve.
19. Danger is never exciting to me.
20. In most close relationships I’m usually the giver.
21. There is always something new to be learned.
22. I need to feel fulfilled.
23. I frequently evaluate myself.
24. I like things to be predictable.
25. I am more loving than most people.
26. Recognition is very important to me.
27. I like the feeling of exertion.
28. I’m very careful about not overspending.
29. Education is important to me.
30. I’m a leader.
31. I’m always looking for new experiences.
32. I sometimes over extend myself in trying to help people.
33. My routines and habits are important to me.
34. I take pride in who I am.
35. I like how learning something new changes my perspective.
36. Sometimes the most important work is not what you’re being paid for.
37. I’m not an adventurous person.
38. No one would say that I’m selfish.
39. I tend to spend beyond my limits.
40. I like to feel important.
41. Every failure is a learning experience.
42. I like to learn in order to teach what I learn.
43. I seek unity in my relationship.
44. I like to make a difference.
45. I refrain from acting when I’m not sure about all the consequences of my actions.
46. I suffer when I feel blocked.
47. I enjoy suspense.
48. Prestige is very important to me.
49. I’m a romantic.
50. I’m constantly learning.
51. Giving is more important to me than receiving.
52. I like to be Number 1.
53. I hate taking risks of any kind.
54. I like to constantly develop myself.
55. I like to give my time and energy to good causes.
56. I like to be admired by others.
57. I’m proud of my ability to learn new things.
58. We are here to make this world a better place.
59. I like to grow and develop in different areas.
60. Personal relationships are the most important thing in my life.
61. Sometimes I can be intimidating.
62. I often look for new forms of entertainment.
63. I’m concerned about anything that might be risky.
64. Being fulfilled in your work is more important than being admired.
65. I strive to improve my skills.
66. I get close to people by being generous with money, time and energy.
67. I like to think carefully before I go into action.
68. Sometimes I like the thrill of experiencing fear.
69. I need to feel respected.
70. When we stop growing, we die.
71. The feeling of togetherness is important to me.
72. For life to make sense, you have to leave a mark in the world.
73. Feeling comfortable at all times is important to me.
74. I enjoy being involved in many different activities.
75. I’m always comparing myself to others in terms of success.
76. I need to have passion in my relationship.
77. If I’m not contributing to others, my life is meaningless.
78. When making a decision, I often think about what might be more enjoyable.
79. I can’t stand to feel stagnant.
80. I need to feel as safe as possible at all times.
81. If I commit to something, I worry that something better might come along.
82. I never want to be seen as a loser.
83. I don’t care about having much stability in my life.
84. I have a mission.


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